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4 Ways to Show a Man That You Are Serious About Him

Learn How to Show a Man Your True Feelings

We men are a little hesitant to be serious with a girl because we have no idea about what is going in your mind or your feelings for us. We would never know if a girl wants to just date casually or is serious about their relationship. This article is for women who want to show their partner that they are serious about their relationship without telling them directly.

Socialize: If you are sure that he is the right guy then you should slowly let him enter your social life. Make him meet your friends. One thing I would like to tell girls is that don’t make your boyfriend meet 5-6 of your girl friends at the same time. Your guy would surely feel awkward or misfit. Start with your best friend. After he is comfortable around your best girl friend make him meet your other friends. You should also invite him to family dinners or family get together. Also, if you want show him that you are ready for a serious relationship; ask him to make you meet his friends and family.

Talk about Future: You can slowly start talking about your relationship’s future. If it doesn’t weird him out then keep going. But you shouldn’t overdo it ever. This might freak the guy out. You can start this as a game. Tell him to imagine that he is married to you and what places he would like to go with you after marriage. Something on those lines, get it?

Support Him: Always support him even if he is wrong. Make him believe that you will always be there through thick and thin. When you are with him and his friends then you should always take his side. That will make him feel very comforting and happy. Always try to inspire and motivate him to achieve good things. No matter what happens be there for him. On weekends if you give him company playing XBOX then he is 90% yours.

Don’t Peak Your Nose Everywhere: Now this is something that you shouldn’t do. I have seen girls who literally follow their boyfriends everywhere. Your partner might want to have a private talk with his old buddies so you should let him loose for a little while. You should follow him everywhere telling the whole world that you are his girl friend. You should never be overly possessive about your guy. He might think you are way too serious for him and it would turn him off.

4 Ways to Show a Man That You Are Serious About Him
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