5 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Getting Back an Ex Girlfriend

5 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Getting Back an Ex Girlfriend

Guys, avoid these common mistakes!

Here are the 5 most common mistakes guys make when getting back their ex girlfriends for you to avoid!

5 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Getting Back an Ex GirlfriendMistake 1: “Bombarding” Your Ex Girlfriend

This is definitely the no.1 mistake almost all guys make when trying to get back their ex girlfriend. So what do I mean by bombarding? By bombarding I mean, constantly seeking for contact with her by any means necessary and in any form.

For example: calling her numerous times a day, texting her, emailing her, sending her flowers and gifts, inviting her out etc.

This is a huge mistake because this approach will sooner or later annoy your ex girlfriend and cause her to completely cut the contact with you, making it a lot harder to get her back later.

Mistake 2: Acting depressed to make her come back to you out of pity

Another very common mistake. Guys often act depressed in front of their ex girlfriends hoping they will feel sorry for them and come back to them out of pity. Although this strategy might be “successful” in some cases, guys often don’t realize the consequences. By doing this you are basically forcing your ex girlfriend to come back to you by putting big psychological pressure on her, its a terrible feeling to look at someone suffering because of you. So even if she comes back to you out of pity, she will be unhappy and your relationship will not work well.

Mistake 3: Hanging out with other women to make her feel jealous

A very popular technique which is believed to be successful is to hang out with other girls in front of your ex girlfriend to make her feel jealous. Just as mistake 2 this approach might work in SOME cases but it can have destructive effects in other cases. Yes, your ex girlfriend could either feel jealous and fight for you or she will feel hurt thinking it was easy for you to replace her and forget her. This could destroy your chances of ever getting her back! So let me ask you, do you really want to take that risk?

Mistake 4: Being just “too nice”

You might think being nice to your ex girlfriend is a good thing. And it certainly is, i am not telling you to start acting like a complete jerk now! But there are limits to everything. You have to keep your manhood and pride too! Otherwise she might just manipulate you and use you.

Mistake 5: Telling her it was all your fault and you will change

Similar to mistake 4. Never say that you were the only reason why your relationship ended and that you are the only one that has to change! Relationship is about two people respecting each other and you are both responsible for the problems you had in your relationship. You will both have to change to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes as before.

5 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Getting Back an Ex Girlfriend
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