Getting Back Ex Girlfriend – 5 Relationship Rules You Have to Break

Getting Back Ex Girlfriend – 5 Relationship Rules You Have to Break

Getting Back Ex Girlfriend – 5 Relationship Rules You Have to BreakNeed help getting back an ex girlfriend?

There are certain rules you have to follow in a relationship. But when getting back ex girlfriend you have to break some of these rules if you ever want to succeed!

Here are 5 Rules you have to BREAK to get back ex girlfriend:

1. Pay LESS attention to your ex girlfriend:

In a relationship it is important that you both listen to each other and share all your fears and problems. If you don’t pay enough attention to your girlfriend she will break up with you sooner or later. Maybe this was even the cause of your break up.  But when getting back ex girlfriend, paradoxically, less attention is better. The reason for this is because after the break up she needs space and time to think everything through, without you influencing her. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not telling you to start ignoring her completely! This would be just as bad as contacting her too much. Take the golden, middle route.

2. Do not get her ANY gifts:

In a relationship it’s almost necessary to give each other gifts from time to time. It shows your girlfriend you truly care for her and that she means a lot to you. They are also often used as an apology if you mess up something. But this strategy does not work once you break up! It will seem to your ex girlfriend that you are simply trying to “buy” her heart back and that you think that giving her a present will make her run back to you and everything will be OK again.

3. Do NOT spy on her:

In a healthy relationship you should have an idea where your girlfriend is and who she spends time with. Of course, it should not be overdone because she will think that you do not trust her and give her enough freedom. But when getting back ex girlfriend you have to break this rule too. She is a single now and therefore has no “obligation” to report to you what she is doing. Asking her about these things will make her feel like you are trying to monitor her. This will of course only annoy her.

4. Do NOT try to stop her from dating someone else

This is probably the hardest rule you have to break. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, that’s why you have to start taking action fast before your ex girlfriend finds a new guy. But in case it happens do not fight with your ex about it! As mentioned in rule 3, she is a single now and can do whatever she wants. Trying to push her to break up with her new will have an exact opposite effect. She will not listen to you to show you that she is independent now and that she can live without you. It might be hard to watch your ex girlfriend with another guy but there is not much you can do. That’s why you have to act quickly before it happens!

5. Do NOT become her best friend after the break up

Girls usually want to keep a strong friendship with their ex boyfriends after a break up. She will tell you that you still mean much to her but she only wants friendship from now on. Don’t agree to this. Don’t be mean or rude but keep distance. When you become best friends instead of partners you will still be around for her so she won’t feel any pain of losing you. Besides you will have to listen to her talking about new guys to you which can be extremely painful. Keep your distance after the break up and show her that everything won’t be great as if nothing happened.

Getting Back Ex Girlfriend – 5 Relationship Rules You Have to Break
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