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Dating Tips To Help You Survive Winter

Dating Tips To Help You Survive WinterSex When Your Parents Are In Town

Use pillows to muffle the sound.

Drown out any noises with music.

Sex can be more fun, when you think you may get in trouble.

If your parents will be around for an extended period of time, try getting a hotel room occasionally.

Do it when they aren’t home. Send them out on a date night if you have to.

Have sex in your car.

Use a gag ball.

Use a hand clasped over the mouth.

Make a game of it – whoever is the most quiet gets something of their choosing from other person.

Turn it into dirty talk . “Be quiet. You can’t talk. I already know how much you like this.”

What insecurities does being intimate bring up for you?

When starting a FWB relationship, know what you’re getting yourself into. The situation is almost guaranteed to result in you developing feelings.

Guys don’t care about cellulite or stretch marks. They have their own body issues! If you’re really self-conscious, there are lotions and creams to help improve their appearance.

If you’re wearing sexy lingerie, go all out. Don’t over-think it. Confidence is key. Your guy will be too busy getting excited about his special surprise to notice any “flaws” on your body.

Guys don’t really care if you aren’t fully prepared, grooming-wise, down there.

In general, don’t be so hard on yourself!

How To Use A Female Condom

A female condom can be inserted and worn for up to 7 hours prior to sex. In other words, you can put it in before a night out, and you’re good to go.

You insert a female condom with your fingers, pushing it up until it rests against your cervix.

Dealing With An Ex That Won’t Leave You Alone

Remove your ex’s number from your phone. Delete them from your Facebook and other social media.

If you have a bad habit of contacting your ex, give your phone to a friend before a night out.

If your ex won’t leave you alone and makes you feel unsafe, don’t be afraid to get a restraining order.

When The Guy You Like Doesn’t Like You Back

Remember that you never want to convince someone to like you. You deserve someone you truly likes you. The same go for breakups; don’t try to change their mind.

Get true confirmation that he doesn’t like you. Don’t just make an assumption.

To move one, first give yourself some time to be sad. Surround yourself with friends. Stay busy. Go out of your way to insert yourself into new situations and to meet new people.

Dating Tips To Help You Survive Winter
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