Dealing With Exes: The One Who Turned Out To Be Gay

Dealing With Exes: The One Who Turned Out To Be Gay

“We only dated for a couple of months in high school, with the pretense that he thought he was bisexual but wasn’t completely sure. I wasn’t too surprised when he told me, and we are still the best of friends.

It wasn’t that weird, because we were already such good friends from before. The relationship wasn’t that serious at all. Actually, it probably made the rejection hurt a little less because it was totally out of his control. He was also having such a hard time coming out to his family and other friends. So, as a friend, I wanted to help him through that, instead of focusing on our break up.”

- Lorri M.*, age 20

“I dated this guy my freshman year of high school through the second day of sophomore year. So we were together for roughly a year. I found out he was gay the summer after sophomore year through Tumblr. But it was also not too long after he had asked me to take him back, when I started dating my current boyfriend. Up until I started dating my current boyfriend, we had tried to remain friends. (I later learned that he was just playing with the feelings I still had for him.) And up until dating my current boyfriend, being friends with him had always given me a glimmer of hope that he and I would get back together. I’m glad that never happened.

It was definitely weird [when he came out]! When we were together, people told me all the time that he was gay and "called it.” But, being the naïve freshman that I was, I didn’t believe them. He himself even told me that he had questioned his sexuality before, and reassured me that it wasn’t no longer an issue. So, finding out that he was gay was weird, but at the same time not super surprising.“

- Kriselle M., age 19

"We dated for about 9 months during our senior year of high school. He was always very artsy and into photography, etc. He was also very religious, so I didn’t think anything was weird when he didn’t really try to do much sexually. About a year after we broke up, he came out to some people we went to school with. I heard through a friend. Now he goes to Parson’s Design School in NYC (lol).

It was a little weird, but I wasn’t really offended. Being out of the closet in high school would have been a nightmare, especially since we went to Catholic school. So I can understand why he did it.”

- Bailey M., age 21

Dealing With Exes: The One Who Turned Out To Be Gay
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