What to Do When Your Ex Girlfriend is Dating Someone Else

What to Do When Your Ex Girlfriend is Dating Someone Else

What to Do When Your Ex Girlfriend is Dating Someone ElseFinding out that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else can be uncomfortable even if you don’t have feeling for your ex girlfriend anymore. It makes one feel forgotten and easily replaced. What’s even worse is if you still DO have feelings for her. In such case finding out that she is already dating someone else might seem like all hope is lost. But don’t be so quick to give up! It might not be as hard as you think to get her back!

First of all, you need to at least consider the possibility that she is dating someone else just to make YOU jealous. I have seen this happen more often than you would think! Some of the signs include:

  1. She is dating someone you know personally, like a friend of yours
  2. She posts statuses/pictures on Facebook bragging about how happy she is with the new guy    
  3. She still keeps some sort of contact with you instead of moving on

If she shows at least 2 out of these 3 signs, the chances are quite high that she is dating the new guy just to make you jealous! If not, don’t worry. She might be serious about her new relationship but there are always was to get your ex girlfriend back even if she is dating someone else.

First thing I would like to point out is that if it really bothers you that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else,  then chances are that you over-focusing on your ex girlfriend instead of noticing all the other girls around you. I understand that you want your ex girlfriend back and not some other girl, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun flirting with other girls. This will not only improve your self confidence but once the word gets out to your ex girlfriend, she will realize that YOU are replacing HER as well.

Even though she is dating someone else this will bother her in a way. Until now she knew that you were there, waiting for her, as a „back-up“ plan in case her current relationship didn’t work out. By pretending to move on you are giving her a clear sign that you will not be there for her forever! It might even feel HER jealous, since the saying „people want what they can’t have“ is very true indeed.

It is also important that whenever you get a chance to talk to your ex girlfriend, you don’t act desperate by showing her how much you truly miss her. Be funny, laid back and playful. Don’t talk about your relationship but instead tell her how much fun you are having! If she asks you if you are dating someone new, be as secretive about it as possible.

Remember the 5 common mistakes that guy’s make, you don’t want her to come back to you out of pity! You want her to be genuinely interested in you once again. And by following these tips, you can achieve that.

What to Do When Your Ex Girlfriend is Dating Someone Else
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Originally posted 2017-03-15 11:43:47.

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