How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Get Your Girlfriend Back – Build the Perfect Plan

Breaking up is tough even for men. After all, you probably have invested a lot to make the relationship work, so it's only normal to want to get your girlfriend back and start over. It's difficult to move on when you're still harboring feelings for one woman.

So how do you get your girlfriend back? You start with the perfect plan, of course. You want to prepare your moves carefully so you don't run the risk of further alienating your ex.

Where it went wrong

First, you have to think back and figure out what could have gone wrong in the relationship. This doesn't necessarily mean pointing fingers on who is to blame. You have to honestly ask yourself what made the relationship make a turn for the worse.

There are several reasons for breakups, particularly if it's the girl who initiates them. There could be another guy in the picture. Perhaps the feelings have simply faded because you've become too comfortable with each other. The fallout could also be caused by a dramatic change in her life that she needs to cope with alone. Or, sadly, it could be you. You may be doing things that drive her crazy.

Start the change

The first step is to start by changing yourself. It takes two to tango, and while it's possible that something was awfully wrong with your ex, it's best to focus on your shortcomings and work on them. If you want to get your girlfriend back, start demonstrating your more attractive qualities. It is possible that your ex no longer sees the man she fell in love, so better go back to that guy fast. Were you romantic before, but somehow became lazy and started taking her for granted? Then bring her flowers again. Once she sees that you're making an effort to change, she will most likely reconsider the decision to break up with you.

Don't stalk

It's easier to insist on getting back together with your ex but it could also get to her nerves and further drive her away from you. If you want to get your girlfriend back, be friendly again. Try to hang out with her on a 'just friends' basis. Be completely casual and don't convince her to get back together. Your girlfriend will probably miss all the attention especially when you nonchalantly say that you're already seeing other women.

Get Your Girlfriend Back – Build the Perfect Plan
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