How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How To Get Ex Back In Long Distance Relationship

So you’ve been carrying on a long distance relationship. Perhaps it was not originally a long distance relationship, but one of you had to relocate and you’ve been trying to maintain the relationship on the phone and computer. Or maybe you met online and became very close. Either way, now it seems the one you hold so dear to your heart has drifted and you wonder how to get ex back in long distance relationship.

Well, this situation presents it’s own special problems. No doubt you’ve discovered how difficult it it to nurture a relationship when you cannot be physically near the one you love, even when it seems you both are on the same page. Besides the normal relationship problems that many encounter, you have these particular disadvantages.

First, all your communication is electronic. In email, chat ant text, you can only express yourself in words, and the occasional emoticon or “smiley.” On the phone, you at least have the additional communication channel of tone of voice, but unless you are using webcams to talk, you do not have the all important features of body language and facial expressions to make the communication more personal and pick up the little clues and nuances that face to face communication provides.

Secondly, being in a long distance relationship always leaves you and your partner wondering what the other is doing when you are not in communication. You sense all too well in the back of your mind that your significant other is meeting and interacting with other people in the real world, and that you are at a significant disadvantage, which unfortunately is quite true.

If you want to know how to get ex back in long distance relationship, you have to consider just how strong the relationship was to begin with. How much history do you really have together? If you really have shared a lot between you, and spent at least some time actually together, in the real world (not just the virtual world), then you at least have a basis to rebuild the relationship.

You can bring up and remind your ex of all those things that mean so much to you, and hopefully it will reawaken those same feeling in them. Even though their attention may have been temporarily diverted to someone conveniently near them, that relationship might not have the depth that yours had.

The other thing that you must consider if you want to get ex back long distance is the promise of the future. It is rare that a long distance relationship can last forever. There are certain important aspects of a full relationship that can only be provided by consistent, reliable contact in person, sex being only one of them.

There are also the needs for physical contact to involve the other senses, touch and even smell, and the emotional needs for security and availability. Do you have an actionable plan to turn your long distance relationship into a full relationship? Let your ex know that being together (again) is a priority to you and that you are willing to make sacrifices to make it happen.

Finally, when considering how to get ex back in long distance relationship, do some true soul searching to realistically determine your motivations. Is this person really so special to you, or are you just feeling the pain of the breakup? Maybe it is time for you to move on too. I’m not saying that is the case, but it is worth considering. You do not want to put a whole lot of time and emotional energy into trying to resurrect a fantasy.

Do you really believe you belong together and actually have a chance of being together? Or would you be better off developing a new relationship yourself which will be more fulfilling to you, and in which you can provide for all the needs of the object of your affection? These are the difficult things you must ponder when deciding whether to get ex back long distance.

How To Get Ex Back In Long Distance Relationship
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