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Is Older Women Dating Younger Men More Common Now?

Older women dating younger men is not new, and few of them even married younger men. Some of the famous women that come to my mind are actress Demi Moore who was married to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher who was 16 years younger than her.

Even Jennifer Lopez had been rumored to be in a relationship with a dancer from her troupe who was 24 years compared to her 42 years at that time. It’s not really surprising that more and more willing to develop themselves, staying shape, remain attractiveness now. Even when their age is growing, they can still be the woman men adore.

The reasons differ from person to person.  Some women who have been in relationships with older men in the past and were not treated well, start dating younger men.  They feel younger men treat them well and make them feel special.  They also bring back spice into their lives.  After being in relationships with older men where they were dominated upon, these women feel good dominating younger men.

Older women dating younger men is no longer the typical sugar mama preying on toy boys. Today with women aging gracefully, they have more choices available for them. Older women find younger men more appealing than older men.  Most of the time, older men come with past baggage and older women do not prefer to deal with such baggage.

In contrast Younger men offer them excitement and indulge them.  If you are an older woman wanting to date younger men, then perhaps you should take a step back, think well and decide what you want first, before jumping head on into an affair with younger men.

One of the important things you should keep in mind is maturity.  The Young man should be mature to begin with. Otherwise you will end up molly coddling him. Spend time with him and observe his behavior such as how he handles his finances, stress, work, friends, family etc. this will help you understand his maturity levels.  If you are looking for a casual fling, then don’t bother taking this trouble.

If you’re dating a younger man, you should figure out and determine his relationship expectations.  Are you looking for a full time relationship or one which does not impede with your lifestyle and you’re fine to meet your younger man infrequently?  After being married for years or being in a long term relationship, some older women look forward to date younger men for fun without any strings attached.  As the relationship progress and an element of seriousness enter, then you should start thinking of the future. Being young, he may want different thing from the relationship, if such is the case what’s in your mind?  Be free to voice your needs.

Older women dating younger men should not throw caution to the windows for some fun as it can be mystery too.  Think well before you indulge yourself and enjoy the relationship as long as it lasts.

Is Older Women Dating Younger Men More Common Now?
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Originally posted 2016-11-17 13:47:07.

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