How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Tips on how to get back with your ex girlfriend

How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex GirlfriendDo you occasionally think of the good times that you’ve spent with your ex-girlfriend? Is there a hole in your heart that will only be filled if you get your girl back? Are you constantly telling yourself, despite all the hurdles that you had in your relationship, that you want to win your ex back? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you clearly want to get back with your ex-girlfriend.

Below are five sure-fire methods and techniques to solve your unceasing and unresolved question, “how would I win my ex back?” However enormous and demanding these tips might be, this will surely help you think of ways on how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Avoid the Chase Game

The first step on how to get back with your ex girlfriend is to stop chasing after her. This means that you have to avoid calling her on the phone, and refrain from sending her any e-mails and text messages. Also, avoid going to places where you would most likely expect her to be. Stop indulging in the pain of seeing her and then telling yourself, “I want my ex back.” Keep in mind that whenever you are chasing her, you are no different from an annoying salesman hounding her to buy some encyclopedias. All people, and that includes your ex-girlfriend, hate being harassed. If she ever she does decide to come back to you, that decision must be made on her own free will.

Pamper and pump yourself

Instead of wasting precious energy and time in figuring out how to win your ex back, chasing after people who don’t want to be chased in the first place, why not try to work on yourself instead? Create a list of all your strengths and positive characteristics, the very same characteristics that made your ex-girlfriend fall for you in the first place. Try to enhance that personality. This could mean enrolling yourself in different such as learning a new sport, or indulging in a new interest or a new hobby. Also try to reconnect with your old friends, and don’t forget to continue on making new ones. In your spare time and moments of solitude, try to evaluate yourself by working on your weaknesses. If you pinpoint certain characteristics that were usually the source of the petty fights that you had with your ex-girlfriend, then now is the perfect time to work and improve on these characteristics.

Blow off negative ideas

A break-up always leaves you with a lot of headaches and heartaches. You have to get over these issues so that the moving-on process with have smoother sailing, bringing with a positive attitude and hopeful self-affirmations. One way to do this effectively is to write a long letter detailing all the hurt that your ex-girlfriend may have caused you in the past, and all the things that you yearn to say to her but was never given a chance. Once you finish writing the letter, burn it. Do not send the letter to your ex-girlfriend.

Practice gratitude

It’s important to appreciate all the positive things that have transpired in your life. Start each morning by appreciating all the beautiful things and persons that you still have, and who are still with you. And most importantly, open your heart to dating again.

Once your ex-girlfriend sees you again, you will be a changed person and she will realize what she has been missing out on now that you’ve become more responsible, attractive and smart. Though this idea on how to get back with your ex girlfriend isn’t very likely in the near future and its possibility has been corroded by a lot of changes that have taken place within you, still, it’s for the better.

Tips on how to get back with your ex girlfriend
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