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Two Thumbs Down: Movies To Avoid During A Breakup

What do movies have to do with your breakup? Plenty – if you watch the wrong ones!

Here’s a metaphor. They say, “You are what you eat.” Well, eat a spicy burrito right before bedtime and you might just regret it at 3am when your poor, abused stomach wakes you up complaining.

And it’s the same with movies: watch a sappy, romantic movie in the middle of a painful breakup, and you just might have a similarly unpleasant experience.

Coping with the pain and heartache of a breakup is not easy under any circumstances. There is so much to deal with, so many things to work out, so many emotions to handle. You want to remain as strong as possible so you can make the best decisions and move your life forward in the most positive way.

Maybe you are through with your ex for good. Maybe you would like to get your ex back. Maybe you’ve agreed to take a break and see how things look in the future. Maybe you still have to see your ex every day.

In every case, you need to stay strong and clear.

There are many things you should avoid when going through a breakup – dependency on drugs or alcohol, listening to too much gossip about your ex – and definitely romance movies! As crazy as it might sound, you should avoid going to see any movie or renting any video that is overly romantic. Why? Because it’s bound to get you reminiscing about old times, about everything you lost, about what might be “if only.” Clear thinking? Hardly.

Romantic movies are GREAT at the start of a relationship, but not at the end. Exposing yourself to this kind of pain when your emotions are so raw will only make your healing process much harder than it already is.

Opt instead for movies that are happy, upbeat and positive. The best types of movies to watch when you are going through a breakup are comedies, or ones about people who have gone through much worse than you, and ended up on top. Movies that motivate you because of the character’s success will help you feel like everything in your life is going to be great again. Watch movies that make you laugh, not cry – smile, not frown. It really is remarkable how a movie can make you feel good about yourself and your life.

By the way, this advice doesn’t only apply to movies. Music, too, can be a powerful emotional influencer. Avoid listening to “your song.” If something comes on the radio or on your mp3 player that is about a broken heart, lost love, a cheating lover, etc., turn it off and switch to something else. Books, too. If you’re a reader, stay away from novels that make you sad. There are plenty of happy, feel-good books to choose from.

It may seem like a small, silly thing. But when you’re going through the pain of a breakup, every little bit helps. It’s not forever. Stay away from sad, depressing entertainment for awhile. Once you’re entirely back on your feet and have moved on, you can enjoy your sad stories again. But for now make your future look brighter. Laugh, smile, get inspired – and throw the tear-jerkers out!

Two Thumbs Down: Movies To Avoid During A Breakup
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Originally posted 2016-12-17 07:05:14.

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