How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Want To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back?

Want To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back? How To Tell If You Still Have A Chance

For one reason or another you and your girlfriend split up but you still love her and want her back. When trying to get an ex girlfriend back you should always look at what real chance you have at getting her back so that you don’t end up hurting yourself more in the end.

So then, the question is now… How do I know whether to continue pursuing her or move on?

Here are 3 good indicators that may show you still have a chance to get an ex girlfriend back:

-She’s not dating. If as far as you know she’s not dating anyone or even talking to anyone this could likely mean that you were special to her and that she needs time to get over you. You’re still in the game.

But let’s say they are dating someone; should you just give up and move on? Not necessarily. This could also mean that she has to go out with someone else to distract herself from thinking too much about you. It’s what you call the rebound relationship.

-She hasn’t gotten rid of your things. If you were together with her for a good length of time than she most likely has a few of your things. An indicator telling you that you may not be able to get an ex girlfriend back would be her asking you to pick up your things. It’s kind of a way a girl deals with closure; the ending of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

But once again, if she does do this it still doesn’t mean you’re done. She would obviously be trying to get over you by getting rid of anything that reminds her of you which tells you that you’re on her mind non-stop. That’s definitely a good thing when you’re trying to get an ex girlfriend back.

-She calls you frequently to talk or keep her company. Basically she doesn’t want to be in the relationship but she misses you and still wants you around. This is good but can end up BAD to get an ex girlfriend back if not played correctly.

If you give her all the “girlfriend” attention without actually being able to call her your girlfriend, the situation will turn into her pulling the “we’re not in a relationship, so I can do whatever I want” card. She’ll end up calling you whenever she wants your attention but most often you’ll be left hanging. She’s basically in control.

Make her feel like she no longer has the same privileges as when you were together. That means not talking to her as much or giving her less attention. When she realizes what she lost by breaking up with you, she will most likely begin to wonder why she ever let you go to begin with.

And there you have it; three good indicators that you probably still have a chance to get an ex girlfriend back. Just don’t lose hope if none of these exactly relate to your break up or even relate at all. Every situation is different.

Want To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back?
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Originally posted 2016-10-28 13:57:37.

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