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What Not To Share With Your Partner?

Written By: Amy L Hinton

Sure, it is natural for people to attempt to hide shameful and embarrassing details like the time they got arrested, the time they hooked up with so and so, or the time they said they went out with friends instead fulfilling an alternate agenda. Some would agree that there are certain topics that are untouchable and off-limits with a spouse. But is it really acceptable to hide information and lie in a relationship? Relationship advice experts don’t expect people to go out and read their entire autobiography on a first date. However, after a certain amount of time has passed and a level of comfort is reached between romantic partners it becomes essential to share important landmarks in each other’s lives, no matter how shameful or ugly those experiences are. This is especially important while asking and answering questions. In any budding relationship, questions shoot back and forth between partners. It is always important to answer questions honestly. Nothing hurts worse than finding out the dirty truth from a different source, whether it’s dirt under the bridge or freshly potted soil. There are two different kinds of lies. There are blatant lies, and there are lies of omission. Leaving out information, or a lie of omission, is a lie nonetheless. Relationship advice points to honesty as key in any relationship. Truly knowing a person requires openness and honesty, the ability to divulge important events and details. A couple should be friends first and foremost. Most people naturally share their deepest, darkest, most humiliating, and laughable incidents with best friends; it should be the same with a spouse. The controversy of white lies remains a gray area in many minds. Some would concur that white lies are acceptable in any case, especially in an attempt to keep from hurting a person’s feelings. When a man’s wife asks, “does this make me look fat?” What should he say, how should he respond? It’s certainly not recommended to speak the truth in vengeance or harassment. However, most women would appreciate someone telling them when they have something in their teeth or when an outfit isn’t the most flattering for her figure. As a rule of thumb, the best relationship advice is to speak the truth in love. Honesty is always the best policy.

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What Not To Share With Your Partner?
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