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When Can A Relationship Be Revived?

Believe it or not but in more than 90% of cases relationships can be revived.

There is one very simple way to tell if your relationship can be revived.

Ask yourself: Were you BOTH happy together at one point, even if it was a short period of time?

If you had a working relationship even for just a short period of time you can almost definitely get your ex girlfriend back.

When Can a Relationship be Revived?Think about it: if you were happy together it means 2 things:

  1. She definitely had and probably still has some feelings you.
  2. Your ex girlfriend misses those happy times just as much as you!

If you never had a working relationship and your ex girlfriend never really loved you as much as you loved her, i am very sorry but it means you two are incompatible. You will just have to accept the fact that she doesn’t feel the same way towards you as you feel towards her.

When Can A Relationship Be Revived?
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Originally posted 2017-03-15 12:00:14.

Steve Douglas is a 34 years old programmer from California, US. Just like millions of men, he once had to go through a break up with his beloved girlfriend. But he was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience he decided to create this website to help men that are in the same situation as he once was.

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